Intelligent Search & Management of Trademarks in China: the Solution of Mozlen, Winner of 2023 INTA Open Innovation Challenge (Start-Up Category)

Published: September 13, 2023

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Terry Zhang Beijing Mozlen Technology China

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization have transformed trademark management. AI technologies automate tasks like trademark searches, monitoring, and enforcement. They help identify potential conflicts, track trademark portfolios, and provide data-driven insights that can inform brand strategy. They streamline processes, enhance protection and, ultimately, enable more accurate and more efficient trademark management.

In the global AI ecosystem, which is increasingly sophisticated, AI-visualized big data combines AI algorithms and large-scale data analysis to enable smart searches. This is the mission of Beijing Mozlen Technology Co., Ltd. Established in December 2018, the start-up is a new supplier of AI-visualized big data SAAS (software as a service) for intelligent search and management of trademarks in China. The platform was built jointly by more than 15 Chinese trademark attorneys and senior legal technology product technical leaders. The company’s customers include well-known IP agents such as Alibaba, Baker McKenzie, Bird&Bird, Huawei, Tencent, Tiktok, among others. In May 2023, Mozlen won the award in the Start-up category of INTA’s first-ever Open Innovation Challenge, prevailing among 31 entrants.

Mozlen founder and CEO Terry Zhang is the guest of this episode of Brand & New. He is the author of Trademark Practice Guide, a best-seller among trademark books in China and he brings vast experience and valuable insight on the emerging trend of AI-based solutions in trademark management and services.

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