IP Offices Series: What Does it Take to Transform IP?

Published: April 5, 2023

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Marco Aleman WIPO Assistant Director General - IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector Colombia


Lisa Jorgenson WIPO Deputy Director General - Patents and Technology Sector USA

When we think about intellectual property (IP) systems, we often think of national or regional IP offices and policies. Yet, IP offices heavily defer to, rely on, and follow the tracks of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which remains the highest authority when it comes to developing balanced and effective IP systems that support innovation and creativity. over the last couple of years, WIPO, in close cooperation with IP offices, has participated in the discussions and legislative activity to address most of the recent and new challenges felt by IP offices, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, export control issues, supply chain disruption, and markets turmoil. It has also developed tools, programs, task forces, to support IP offices’ efforts and, more importantly, IP protection and innovation through these unprecedented times. How does WIPO envision its mission in 2023? What sort of initiatives does the organization carry out to ensure they stay in tune with innovators, businesses big and small, and the market at large? How much of a transformative force is WIPO for the IP world today?

To discuss WIPO’s activities and priorities, our first guest is Marco Aleman, WIPO Assistant Director General – IP and Innovation Ecosystems, which he joined in 1999. During more than 20 years with the organization, Mr. Aleman assumed several key roles including Director of the Patent Law Division. Prior to joining WIPO, Mr. Aleman headed the Colombian IP Office.

Our second guest is Lisa Jorgenson, who has been Deputy Director General – Patents & Tech at WIPO for almost two years. Over the past 30 years, Ms. Jorgenson has served in a variety of legal positions, including Executive Director of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) and Group Vice President, Intellectual Property and Licensing, of STMicroelectronics, where she spent over 24 years.

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