Art & Financial Technology: A Match Made in the Metaverse Heaven

Published: June 7, 2022

Brand & New

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Anne Bracegirdle

Anne Bracegirdle Metaversal USA

Just by reading the news, the metaverse seems like a storm of experiential, edgy, immersive technology poised at the juncture of art, entertainment, social media, and crypto currency. With that, we are told the metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the art world. Storage, location, display, transparency, authenticity, and accessibility are the stumbling blocks to experiencing or owning fine art. Yet the metaverse theoretically provides a platform for creators, commentators, critics, galleries, and collectors to transcend these issues.

Is the metaverse really turning the art world upside down? How much of this remains a mirage, and how much of it is already a structured, working, money-making ecosystem? How critical is financial technology in powering this new art market?

Our latest guest is Anne Bracegirdle, vice president of business development at Metaversal, and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Her expertise focuses on the intersection between the art world and technology.  As noted on Metaversal’s website, Ms. Bracegirdle “has been preaching about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the art world since before it was cool.” Prior to joining Metaversal, she spent nearly a decade at Christie’s, before turning to art tech first by joining Superblue as its senior director for special projects, and then co-founding the Art & Antiquities Blockchain, a consortium of women from diverse professional backgrounds providing unparalleled expertise in cultural heritage issues.

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