Spotlight on Hot IP Issues and Trends in Asia

Published: January 18, 2022

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Andy Leck Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow Singapore

With the implementation of the Phase One deal between the United States and China on import tariffs, as well as the ongoing global pandemic, the new Silk Roads, and even current supply chain issues, businesses in Asia have been navigating unprecedented circumstances when it comes to product development, marketing, distribution, and sales.

But Asia also continues to inspire global leaders to step outside of their comfort zone and use innovation in new ways to expand their business portfolios. While there are over 400 unicorn startups worldwide, over 140 of them are headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia has also continued to outpace other regions in filing patents, trademarks, and industrial designs, and registering domains, and it has become a top hub for high-value innovation.

But what are the most recent market trends in this region from an intellectual property (IP) perspective? And how does innovation translate in terms of trademark registration and enforcement? What are the hot IP issues that are on the radar of IP law practitioners in this region these days?

Our guest is Andy Leck, managing principal at Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow head of the Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group and a member of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group in Singapore. He is a core member of Baker McKenzie’s regional IP practice and leads the Myanmar IP Practice Group. He has more than 30 years of experience handling contentious and non-contentious matters in the areas of IP, corporate litigation, and arbitration matters, and regularly represents Fortune 500 corporations in different fields.

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