The Gen Z ‘Brand Equation’: Why ESG Is Critical to the Future of Brands

Published: January 19, 2021

Brand & New

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Jeff Fromm

Jeff Fromm Futurecast Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The world’s largest group of consumers and on track to be the most educated generation yet, Gen Z seem to have strong opinions and values and want to be heard. What does it mean for brands? How can they engage with this generation? How is this generation reshaping the messages conveyed by brands, particularly referring to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)?

Jeff Fromm is a renowned youth marketing and trends expert and speaker on consumer trends, brand strategy, and innovation. He  was a pioneer in researching millennials and Gen Z from a marketing perspective, by leading the first large, public-facing study on the topic with the Boston Consulting Group 10 years ago.

With over 25 years of experience in marketing across a wide variety of brands, Mr. Fromm  is the president of the think tank Futurecast, and a partner at Barkley, based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. He is also a contributing writer for Forbes and author of four books: Marketing to MillennialsMillennials with KidsMarketing to Gen Z, and The Purpose Advantage.

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