Carbon Offset

Join us on the road to carbon-neutral events!


Be a Part of the Solution:
Donate to our Carbon Offset Program

We’ve partnered with renowned sustainability expert CLIMATE PARTNER, which helps organizations like ours achieve carbon-neutral status. They work closely with a number of major companies and have a worldwide network of carbon offset projects that are supported by offset contributions.

Your contributions will go to projects that are designed to provide cleaner air, land, and water and help counteract the harmful carbon that we put into the atmosphere. (And you’ll be able to feel good about your travel to INTA events!)

Donate Now!

Every year we pack our bags and head off to INTA events, at times to far-away locations. We drive to the airport, fly in planes, take taxis to our hotels—leaving a trail of carbon footprints behind us.

We’re already battling the climate crisis in the form of devastating droughts, storms, flooding, fires, and biodiversity loss in regions across the world. To turn the tide, we all need to do our part. Please join us in our commitment to carbon-neutral events.

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