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U.S. State Trademark and Unfair Competition Law

This reference provides a singular, comprehensive source for facts, commentary, and analysis on U.S. state and unfair competition law in each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico. It’s updated annually by practitioners in each state.

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Trademark Administration

This classic training aid provides a thorough introduction to trademark practice and procedure―whether for administrators or young practitioners.

It offers step-by-step guidance through core chapters complemented by checklists, practice tips, and illustrations of documents and forms. It covers the role and function of trademarks, selection and clearance, registration, maintenance, business transactions, litigation, international practice, ethics, and other key topics.

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Case Excerpts on Survey Evidence in U.S. Litigation

These comprehensive reviews from Ford Bubala & Associates offer litigators and scholars short excerpts and appendices of key decisions from U.S. federal courts and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Bureau addressing survey evidence.

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Industry Impressions

Concise and to the point, these papers cover trademark issues of special relevance to particular industries and provide background on legal concepts within a business context for both attorneys and corporate executives.

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Practitioners’ Checklists

This series covers procedures for performing particular tasks or functions and illustrates the order in which you should take relevant actions. A valuable asset in the legal practice setting, it can help you efficiently check off critical considerations and countless details.

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WHOIS Challenges: Toolkit

Addressing enforcement challenges in a landscape where most WHOIS domain name registrant data is redacted, the numerous tips in this toolkit assist with the investigation of IP infringement, identification of the registrant, and enforcement of rights.

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